Farm to Fork January 04 2015, 0 Comments


While in Scotland for Christmas and Hogmanay, we visited Knowes Farm Shop for some super fresh PYO veg, flavoursome house-made autumn fruit chutney, local honey and to say hello to the spritely little hens that would provide us with the eggs for our fluffy scramble the next morning.   

I can happily admit that we over indulged in a major way this holiday season, but that didn't keep us from our usual farm to fork eating habits. Even when we are away from home, we like to know where our food is coming from, shop locally and source our meals from neighbourhood farms and markets whenever possible. 

When you arrive at Knowes Farm Shop, you are immediately greeted by a large flock of very friendly little hens that call Knowes Farm their happy home. They kept a close eye on us as we explored the grounds. The hens roam freely and provide the beautiful eggs for sale inside the shop. 

The list of vegetables and herbs grown at Knowes Farm is too long to list here, incredibly fresh and available in the farm shop or you can wander the grounds and pick your own. Also available in the shop are house-made jams, chutneys and various spreads and sauces, as well as farm raised Scottish meats, seasonal game, local shellfish and ready to bake pies. 


If you have the pleasure of staying near or passing through East Lothian, Scotland we highly recommend a visit to Knowes Farm. Your mum will thank you for the chutney!