About Us

Meg moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to London in 2012 and combined classic American charm with British polish to create Megpies' uniquely delicious baked goods. Megpies' treats are inspired by her devotion to local farmers, a love of beautiful food and an appreciation for high quality, sustainable ingredients. Since returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, Meg has married her respect for organic, locally made food with a her passion for unique and tempting flavors.

We choose our ingredients thoughtfully. We use cage-free eggs, organic dairy goods and flours and we purchase our fruit from local farmers whenever possible. Due to the changing seasons and some of our more exotic flavors, we also utilize fair trade produce, such as passion fruit, pineapple and bananas. We sweeten our baked goods with organic, fair trade sugar and use only the highest quality vanilla and spices from Oaktown Spice Shop. Please have a look at our Made Without page for our gluten, dairy and sugar free treats.